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Sunday, November 6, 2011

FairSearch.org | The Frightening Math Behind Online Advertising

FairSearch.org | The Frightening Math Behind Online Advertising: "There is a lot of money in worldwide digital advertising. In fact, according to ZenithOptimedia, roughly $64 billion dollars.

And while Google would like you to think that it only makes up “30% of online advertising revenue among owned and operated properties,” blogger Darren Herman has the real breakdown.

Using information from its 10-K filings, Herman determined Google’s 2010 total digital revenue to be over $29 billion dollars. (Small point: seems to us that $29 billion is Google’s total revenue and $28 billion is Google’s revenue from advertising)."

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1 comment:

  1. These numbers are too large to ignore. Indeed when one considers the current Paradigm-Shift info, it become necessary to view the line, bar, or pie chart graph, to see what once clearly showed to supremacy is definitely being challenged by on-line advertising!


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