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Sunday, November 6, 2011

SAN Cloud 9- It starts with a name (sometimes) then...

SAN Cloud 9- It starts with a name (sometimes) then...: "This means that the creator has sole legal rights to their works and may not want you copying and displaying them. If you're unsure whether or not an image is copyrighted, it's best not to risk it. However, there are places that make it easier for you to find images you're allowed to use:
Open Photo
Flickr: Creative Commons
Creative Commons Search

When Google actually offers up their "help" by way of friendly advice regarding using pictures from the web, a topic I am sure will be drawing more attention in the days, months and years to come, it boldly supplies a few links:"

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1 comment:

  1. I would think that it is very reasonable to assume that just about any corporation of entity would want "Free Advertising". There needs to be some better definitions regarding what images truly belong to someone and may not be used, versus what sort of images that their original creator would be only "more than happy" to publish.


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