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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today's Agenda

Some of my writing is designed to help me focus my own efforts.

I have tried to separate the management of my own personal domain portfolio from my other ventures and projects on the world wide web. The strategy I adopted in this matter was to contact a close personal friend or relative.

The person had the specific skill set, yet lacked any sort of belief in the viability of the products. Therefore the plan was a miserable failure. To exacerbate the failure this particular person presented me with a challenge.

I believe one of the most valuable assets that a potential developer needs to cultivate and expand is the general concept of focus.

When one contemplates the specifics of what their general mission statement will be, one needs to carefully select the areas that they will be focusing the majority of their efforts on.

Today's Overall Focus: Develop Three Funding Streams

That being said here are the three things I would like to accomplish today:

1) Handle the issue of any required domain transfers, renewals or sales in one specific timed activity which will result in a minimum of finalizing the statuses of between 18-48 domains according to date specific consequences reaching backward and forward over a maximum time period of between 30-60 days.

 Keep the overall budget for this plan to under $200. 

Does anyone see the UFO that is reflected in the highly polished surface on the left?

[ This goal includes resolve the final status of one major domain which is currently pointed to the wrong url ] 

2) Create and initiate between 5-12 new domain monetizations (including re-directs of up to three existing websites.) 

3) Conclude final business arrangements for between 1-3 domain resellers, and between 1-3 web hosting resellers.

1 comment:

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