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Monday, March 26, 2012

Storage According to the VMware Admin: SDRS, SIOC, VASA & Storage vMotion | Virtualization Journal

Storage According to the VMware Admin: SDRS, SIOC, VASA & Storage vMotion | Virtualization Journal: "Storage teams could also take advantage of. Despite this terms such as SIOC, Storage DRS, VASA and Storage vMotion still seem to draw blanks from most Storage folk or are looked down upon as ‘a VMware thing'. So what exactly are these features and why should Storage as well as VM admin take note of them as well as work together to take full advantage of their benefits?"

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Web Entrepreneur Seeks Investor and Mentor | WebSiteWealth.biz

Web Entrepreneur Seeks Investor and Mentor | WebSiteWealth.biz: "days of old,
where people sat alone in some remote cabin,
by a roaring fire, or by a dimly lit oil lantern,
they held pens and used paper, and created books that got sold.

I had heard about times that ideas were rampant,
Inventors worked long hours quietly"

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Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making

Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making: "A Bear will never hesitate to risk his life where a feast of honey is in view, and the odd arrangement of timbers has no fears for him after that tempting bait has once been discovered. Passing beneath the suspended log, his heavy paw encounters the broad board on the treadle-piece, which immediately sinks with his weight. The upright pole at the back of the treadle is thus raised, forcing the latch-piece from the notch: this in turn sets free the side pole, and the heavy log is released falling with a crushing weight over the back of hapless Bruin.


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Overstream -- Welcome

Overstream -- Welcome: "Welcome to Overstream.net!
Add subtitles to online videos. It's so easy: watch demo (90 seconds).

Featured Overstreams  ( more )"

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DREAMDOMAIN.COM | The Web, Your Way.

DREAMDOMAIN.COM | The Web, Your Way.: "
Dream Domain's graphic design team of individuals have over 20 years experience with with a vast array of experience ranging from Web Design, to Marketing, to Audio Design, to Graphic Design. Whether it is a new website or you need to get your CD off the ground, we'll have some unique ideas for your company."

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Welcome - Weebl's Stuff

Welcome - Weebl's Stuff: "
Toy Story vs Red Dead Redemption
Submitted by thirygonur1 comments

‪Occupy Wall Street + Ghosts‬ :)
From the upper west side comes the story of two young men, who after losing their jobs, decided to start a business a bit out of the ordinary.
Submitted by Leonards3 comments"

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401k/IRA Business Funding H4

401k/IRA Business Funding H4: "FREE 401K FUNDING GUIDE SHOWS YOU HOW TO...
Get Your Funding in 2-3 Weeks...not 6 months like a typical SBA loan!
Improve Cash Flow by 50% or more...the lifeblood of every small business
Own up to 4X (times) more of Your Own Business (Equity) - right from the start
Use innovative (but safe and tax-deferred) ways to use up to 100% of the funds in your 401k, SEP, IRA, 403b or other retirement accounts.
Eliminate debt with NO PENALTIES
Defer taxes on your Business Profits until after you Retire!
Combine 401k Funding with SBA and other Loans to get 400% more start-up Capital Fast"

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to show website slogan | drupal.org

How to show website slogan | drupal.org: "Last updated January 23, 2012. Created by saran.quardz on January 23, 2012.
You can edit this page.

To show website slogan below logo, just enter your website slogan in Drupal admin panel.
Navigate to: Administrator >> System >> Site information

And set your website slogan."

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