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Monday, April 20, 2015

Record-Rama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Record-Rama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Mawhinney started the shop after his personal collection reached the many thousands. It was his wife who told him to get rid of the records, or start up a business around them. By the mid-1990s, Record-Rama was doing $5 million ($8 million today) a year of business.[3] In the years that followed, Mawhinney built the world's biggest record collection. He also cataloged records in a directory he released called the MusicMaster.[3] The first edition was released in 1982, and it came in two volumes; one listing by artist, the other by title.[4] By 2003, the business had dropped to $500,000 a year, one tenth of what it had been. Mawhinney cites big chain stores like Wal-Mart undercutting his prices as the main factor in the drop of sales.[3]"

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